Cooperstown “STILL DREAMIN'” 2020 Pin


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As pin designers and youth coaches, we are putting these pins out for the cancelled 2020 Cooperstown season.

Many of the boys were looking forward to their pins/pin trading so we decided to put something together for them — The pin of all pins!

This is a one-of-a-kind spinning enamel pin with rainbow glitter. The entire outside edge of the circle spins 360 degrees, so the bat (which reads, “I want to…”) will rotate to one of the motivational words on the outside.

I.e. “I want to… INSPIRE”

This pin will be 2.75 inches at the widest point, and will be double posted for support, as well as include 2 rubber pin backs for safety.

Since this is a non-team specific pin, it will be taken as a preorder, and should be expected for delivery in LATE MAY or EARLY JUNE. We will be posting updates, and we will be creating a sample pin as a showcase to how cool it is, before mass production begins.

Stay tuned to “Cooperstown Dreams Park Information & Pin Trading” facebook group for more information, or feel free to message Andy or Logan with any questions.

If you love this idea, feel free to share with friends, as we will be offering a discounted jersey for the kids as well.

Doing our best to give some light in the midst of an unfortunate situation, and hopefully this will do the trick!